The sun is back…

The weather is getting warmer… it is high time to dust off the barbecues! Let’s enjoy grilled meat, strawberry pies etc. … with our Champagne Rosé Vieilles Vignes Duménil.

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Club Trésor – PROWEIN 17-18 March 2019

See you soon at the PROWEIN fair

Champagne Duménil Spécial Club 2013

Hall 12 Booth 12C01

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Frédérique Poret – Duménil

We are looking forward to meeting you…

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Saffron Duménil in Sacy

In Sacy, situated between Reims and Epernay, Champagne Duménil does not only harvest grapes but also beautiful purple crocuses which are used to produce saffron. Come and admire the magical but ephemeral blooming of the saffron crocuses. You can even participate in the picking and the pruning of the pistils. Discover the cultivation of saffron and its virtues, its history, its legends … and taste the saffron shrimps, roast with a saffron mustard, honey with saffron … Have a pleasant time with Frédérique and Hugues Poret-Duménil who will share with you their knowledge and their passion for this legendary flower in all simplicity and conviviality. Come and visit us at the saffron field in Sacy!


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September: the harvest!

Some pictures of the harvest with a good and courageous team !


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Enjoy your Champagne trip in the Castle of Sacy

The Château de Sacy provides an exceptional view of Reims and its vineyard. After a restoration and even a reconstruction, which lasted more than a year, the Château réopens its doors. The Château will offer exceptional suites  and a restaurant with local products. It is a veritable jewel in the middle of the vineyards. Nevertheless, it is very close to everything you need, less than 3 kilometers from the motorway and the TGV station and only fifteen minutes from the historic center of the city of Reims.


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Summer closure

Our offices will be closed from the 1st of August until the 26 of August.

We wish you a beautiful summer.

In the meantime you can find our champagnes at the Shop TRESOR DE CHAMPAGNE in Reims (+33 326 48 28 42)

Adresse: Olivier Métra 2 – 51100 REIMS (Boulingrin area)


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How to open a bottle of Champagne the right way

  • Tasting & Appreciation

    The art of serving Champagne

  • Step one: tilt the bottle slightly, bear in mind to point the bottle safely away from yourself or any other person; then untwist the metal loop to loosen the wire cage
  • Step two: remove the wire cage and foil wrapping while keeping a firm grip on the cork
  • Step three: while holding on to the cork firmly, gently rotate the bottle (NOT the cork) with your other hand so the cork comes sliding – not popping – out.

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In the vineyard in June

June is the time for trellising: separating the shoots and stapling them to wires. This prevents the leaves from crowding each other, allowing maximum light penetration and also encouraging air circulation that prevents rot.

Trellising is essential for Champagne vines since high-density planting significantly increases trellising is manual labour.

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First signs of blooming in the vineyards!

Small flowers are appearing in the vineyards… if the weather conditions remain favorable, the full flowers could develop soon and in that way announce the date of the next harvest.


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In the Boulingrin district of Reims, the Boutique du Club Trésors de Champagne opened its doors in May 2015.  A very friendly place where you can taste and purchase the champagnes of all Club members.

During the entire summer, you can taste and/or buy Duménil Champagne in the Boutique.

Address: Olivier Métra 2 – Boulingrin area – 51100 REIMS  (Open from Tuesday to saturday)


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High Environental Value certification



Champagne Dumenil  obtained the High Environmental Value certification.

The HEV certification covers four key areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, managed fertiliser use and water resource management


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Prowein 18-19 March 2018

See you soon at the PROWEIN fair.

Don’t hesitate do make an appointment with Frédérique Poret – Duménil

We are looking forward to meeting you…


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