Enjoy your Champagne trip in the Castle of Sacy

The Château de Sacy provides an exceptional view of Reims and its vineyard. After a restoration and even a reconstruction, which lasted more than a year, the Château réopens its doors. The Château will offer exceptional suites  and a restaurant with local products. It is a veritable jewel in the middle of the vineyards. Nevertheless, it is very close to everything you need, less than 3 kilometers from the motorway and the TGV station and only fifteen minutes from the historic center of the city of Reims.


How to open a bottle of Champagne the right way

  • Tasting & Appreciation

    The art of serving Champagne

  • Step one: tilt the bottle slightly, bear in mind to point the bottle safely away from yourself or any other person; then untwist the metal loop to loosen the wire cage
  • Step two: remove the wire cage and foil wrapping while keeping a firm grip on the cork
  • Step three: while holding on to the cork firmly, gently rotate the bottle (NOT the cork) with your other hand so the cork comes sliding – not popping – out.

In the vineyard in June

June is the time for trellising: separating the shoots and stapling them to wires. This prevents the leaves from crowding each other, allowing maximum light penetration and also encouraging air circulation that prevents rot.

Trellising is essential for Champagne vines since high-density planting significantly increases trellising is manual labour.


In the Boulingrin district of Reims, the Boutique du Club Trésors de Champagne opened its doors in May 2015.  A very friendly place where you can taste and purchase the champagnes of all Club members.

During the entire summer, you can taste and/or buy Duménil Champagne in the Boutique.

Address: Olivier Métra 2 – Boulingrin area – 51100 REIMS  (Open from Tuesday to saturday)


Prowein March 2019

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