• Grande Réserve

Réserve 21

Perfect balance – the hallmark of Champagne Duménil
since 1874


A classic example of the art of blending: perfectly balanced, wonderfully round and full of fruitiness. This subtle marriage of grape varietals from different villages
and different years has epitomised the Duménil house style since 1874.

Each grape varietal reveals its own individual character born in the chalk and sub-soil deep in the Montagne de Reims.

Perfectly balanced thanks to the equal proportions of the three traditional Champagne grapes; Pinot Meunier brings fruitiness, Pinot Noir lends body to the blend and Chardonnay adds finesse. Reserve wines from 10 different harvests are blended to give the maturity that makes Réserve 21 the ideal partner for any happy social occasion.

Tasting Notes

A never-ending stream of fine bubbles rising to a persistent ring of mousse. Delicate aromas of white flowers vie with notes of white fruit (apple and pear) and lead on to elegant hints of yellow
fruit (peach and apricot).
Seductively round on the palate with a beautifully long finish culminating on a mouth-watering touch of brioche. A perfectly balanced champagne!

Food Matching

The delicate bouquet makes Grande Réserve ideal to serve to your guests as an aperitif, particularly with pastry canapés. It’s also a wonderful match with poultry cooked in sauce, or with fruit tart served as dessert.

Serving Moments

Family celebrations, business lunches and cocktail parties.

Serving Suggestion

Slowly chill the bottle in an ice-bucket, and serve at 8° C (46° F).

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