• By Jany Amb

By Jany Poret

A dominant Pinot Meunier for a gourmet fruity, the exception of the small Montagne de Reims.


Cuvée Jany Poret offers a supple body characterised by iodine notes with fresh, ripe fruit.
The triple influence of chalk, sand and clay – typical of the village of Sacy, Premier Cru in La Montagne de Reims – produces superbly balanced blends with the dominant sandy soil bringing
extra lightness to enhance the full, ripe fruit aromas (citrus fruit, stewed fruit and honeyed floral notes ).

Hugues Poret is the latest member of his family to craft fine champagnes from these precious vineyards which have been passed down from generation to generation in an unbroken family heritage.

Pale gold in colour with a satiny finish and fine, lively bubbles.
The nose is discreet at first with hints of fresh fruit before opening out to release riper fruit aromas (apples, stone fruit). The mouth is full, well balanced, fresh and light.

The mid palate is richly fruity with a soft, full texture which highlights the ripeness of the fruit and drives the wine towards oxidative notes of macerated fruit and a finish nuanced with hints of sweet spices.

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